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CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Conductor is about the process from death to rebirth. Even if the pandemic affects our lives, it will not affect our enthusiasm. The story begins with many dead musical instruments. The conductor directs them to play a grand symphony in the SCAD museum.
Creative Direction: Yuying Herr
Art Direction: Freya Yeh
Producer: Kagan Marks & Scott Sandifer
Lead Designer: Kathie Yang
Lead Animator: Desmond Du
Lead Graphic Designer: Mel Petzoldt
Designers: Anna Yang, Auralee Mayfield, Ghia Villasin, Kathie Yang, Obi Nwosisi, Olivia Trotter, Yu Xin King, Yuying Herr
Animators: DaAe Kim, Desmond Du, Freya Yeh, Greg Markman, Kathie Yang, Kagan Marks, Leah Evans, Lirio Ramirez, Olivia Trotter, Pranay Parekh, Wendy Huang, Yuying Herr
Graphic Designers: Alaijah Hampton, Alyssa Kalbus, Anna Yang, Erica Kim, Ghia Villasin, Mel Petzoldt, Yorlieth Avila
Experiential: Alex Campbell, Riley Carson
Sound Design: Tzuying Wang
Web Developers: Andrew Goodridge, Eric Flatt
Special Thanks to: MOME Love, Our Professors, SCAD Motion Media, Kelly Carlton, Duff Yong, Minho Shin, Anna Vallario, Krysta Coates, Carly Johnson
The story started last year Comotion.
I was the lead designer and an animator in last year's branding team. 
It was a great experience. 
We had meetings every week at Monty 104, and when the deadline closed we were working together at JP’s living room. 
I worked with Freya, who became my best friend here, for a hard shot. And luckily we were neighbours. So I went to her house and we worked on the same computer.

The idea of Conductor started last summer when I was working in Laundry studio. 
The epidemic was getting worse.
I have read a lot of news about theaters closing and artists unemployed.
This is the first time I felt that the audience is so important.
The SCAD museum theater has also been closed, I still remember the crowds and excitement there last year.
It’s a pity not to be able to meet everyone in the theater again this year.
I started to draw a few lonely musical instruments to express my feeling.
At this time, my thoughts became clear. Motion graphic is very similar to symphony. We have different artists in different positions to complete a project and present it to the audience.
Even if affected by the epidemic, we can still complete this year Comotion. And present our works to everyone who joins the conference online.
I drew a galaxy conductor in the empty SCAD museum theater. And this is the last shot of the title sequence.
I want to express that even if the form and venue change, our creativity and enthusiasm remain the same.

I designed a logo with the idea of visualized music and creativity.
And I prepared nine styleframes and two stupid t-shirt design.
(Freya animated my logo, and she really made it great)
We had our team ready on November 4, and having our first zoom meeting on November 7.
I created two direction slides for design team and animation team (like this).
Then, we start to work.
Because this year we are working online, something interesting happened:
(we taking photos in the amazing world by Alex: https://scadcomotion.com/hubs)
The storyboard I create before our first meeting:
And styleframes I designed (after pitch):
And we finished all design just after winter break, which is amazing that everyone on design team are working hard during winter break!
The animation process is working well, too.
Some of my animation process: 
(cel in Photoshop & background in Cinema 4D)
We leave emojis to each other:
(And Desmond is really good at encouraging people)
He has a progress percentage every week accurate to two decimal places.
(No one knows how he did it)
Kagan saved my life because he is really good at talking, he hosted every meeting of the team, and Scott helped me a lot to not let him taking too much.
I'm really lucky to have great producers on my team.
Mel and Kathie helped a lot on graphic design team and design team. 
Again, I'm really lucky to have them.
Overall, the branding team experience was very good.
Everyone worked hard and fast.
I just want to record all this because at the beginning I didn't believe we could do it.
I'm also tried online team work in school for the first time.
It is really great.
Thank you everyone in the team!
And I hope everyone enjoys our title sequence and branding package!

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